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Travel as a small group

We prefer groups of 8-18 students.

This ensures each student has the attention of our Program Director who can adapt the program to suit the interests of the group.

We don't need as many rooms, so it's easier for us to stay in popular hotels at the heart of the city from where we explore on foot.

Tiny restaurants are delighted to see us, and we can encourage the students to order whatever they want from the regular menu without fear of a revolt from the kitchen!

Trust in Students

The most effective and efficient way to learn anything is to practice it in the real world, ideally with a small group of friends who are willing to collaborate and a mentor who can provide additional guidance.

We transfer responsibility for the most interesting tasks to the students themselves - checking into the hotel, navigating around the city, purchasing tickets, and making their own restaurant reservations.

Trust in Teachers

Our Program Directors carefully adapt the program to each students skill level, background, and the mix of personalities in the group.

This requires skills which come naturally to great teachers, so most of our Program Directors are World Language and Social Studies teachers who have travelled extensively themselves.
  • Just got back from Italy (Rome and Florence) a couple of weeks ago with Peter Schmidt of SLT. What an amazing trip it was! Peter did a fantastic job of incorporating the students into the logistics of the trip, parceling out "assignments" for everyone like navigating our way through the cities, buying tix for the subway, breaking into groups to buy supplies for our picnic at the market, etc. He also went all out to make sure that we were able to get into the Vatican Museum...See More
    Micheal Chew via Facebook Review
  • When I first started planning my student trip for the summer of 2014 I came across Students Love Travel. Everything I read seemed too good to be true! I was looking to give my students the best cultural experience possible and Students Love Travel offered exactly what I wanted. Having arrived home yesterday from my trip to Köln, Heidelberg & Mainz I can tell you that Students Love Travel exceeded every expectation I had...See More
    Karen Calvert via Facebook Reviews
  • I am a huge advocate of Students Love Travel! Within the past year, I have booked two trips with this company, to two very different places, with fantastic results for each.The first trip was a 10 Day excursion to France with stops in Paris, Bayeux, Mont St. Michel, and St. Malo. while the second was a 5 Day trip to Montreal and Quebec.What Students Love Travel does exceptionally well is that they individualize nearly every experience for the student. Whether it is a cathedral, battlefield, or museum; tour guides for each specific site are provided ... See More
    Matt Pachniuk via Facebook Reviews
  • I chose Students Love Travel for our trip to France this year because my colleague had such a great experience with them last year on her trip to Germany. I was really excited about the itinerary that we chose (Paris, Nîmes and the Côte d'Azur) because it included places I knew as well as some places new to me. Our program director, Rob Delorie, was extremely knowledgeable...See More
    Kristina Beck via Facebook Reviews
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The Challenge

For half a century teachers and students looking for affordable approach to travel have found themselves being blended into a large group.
On such trips you lose personal control over the experience, it's not your private trip. You go where you're told, see what you're told, eat when and where you're told. If you're lucky, you'll get along with the other groups. Either way, you're doing everything with them.
It's an affordable approach, but it's frustrating.
Rather than offer yet another travel program that takes a herd of completely dependent students to as many places as possible, we offer a program that develops a small group of students into independent travelers.

Our Approach

Personal Attention
We focus on the journey and the destination equally, helping each student appreciate the importance of every item on our itinerary while presenting them with opportunities to perfect their skills along the way. This requires significant personal attention, so we limit the number of students on our trips.
Freedom, Opportunity, Responsibility
We reserve flights, accommodations, and important activities in advance. When and where to make the remaining reservations on the itinerary becomes part of the groups unique journey. This immensely engaging "independent traveler" experience is only possible with a small group of students and a well trained Group Director.
Structure and Advice
Every group travels with one of our personally trained Group Directors, a carefully selected teacher who knows the destination and appreciates our trip objectives for the students. By your side during the day and staying at your hotel each night, with 24/7 support from our offices, your Group Director is well positioned to ensure your students have a successful trip!
Bottom Line
You will not find a better travel program for a small private group of students at a more affordable price.

Our Program Directors

They were born for this role. They have dedicated their lives to teaching young students, traveled extensively, and they want to share their passion for travel with the next generation. Spend a minute with any member of our Program Director Team - ask them about their favorite spots, or their fondest memory of traveling with students - and you'll want to drop everything and go travel with them.
Alexandra Place
Ana Mendiburu
Andrea Kaubris
Brad Johnston
Cathy Varela
Cheryl Berman
Colin Burke
Emma Bricker
Emily Sherman
Emily Squires
Erica Maibeth
Tad Williams
Jenna Windt
José Rodrigo
Jennifer Jasenski
Kathy Martin-Ocain
Lili Chao
Marilyn Goscinski
Martha Maurno
Meaghan McSherry
Nicole Vernon
Olga Lopez
Peter Schmidt
Pierre Bonneau
Tracy Kundt

Outstanding Accommodations

Highly rated, charming neighborhoods, and perfectly located to explore each city. Finding outstanding hotels for our students is one of the top reasons we limit the size of our programs. Here are five accommodations we use for our programs, along with their TripAdvisor rating:
Hostal Persal
Le Nouvel Orleans
Hotel Melia
Hôtel Clarendon
Hotel Sant Agustí

Destination Dining

What happens if you combine hungry teenagers, a generous budget, and freedom to select restaurants? Great food at great prices.
Here are 5 of our favorite establishments:
Taberna Pompeyana
Au Piano Muet
Café Café Cocina Criolla
Le Grand Café
Pintxos Night

Classic Destinations

We believe a high-quality private trip should be within reach of any teacher with a small group of students, so we offer a broad range of program destinations and durations. Because you are traveling privately, the departure date and departure airport are up to you!
Madrid + Toledo + Segovia
Madrid + Basque Country
Madrid + Barcelona
Seville + Cordoba + Granada
Puerto Rico + Vieques
Paris + Versailles
Paris + Loire Valley
Paris + Provence + Cȏte d'Azur
Paris + Normandy
Rome + Florence + Tuscany
Rome + Naples + Amalfi
Rome + Florence + Venice
The Rhineland
Beijing + Xi'an + Shanghai
London + Oxford
Ireland, An Insider's Tour
Quebec City

Self-Organizer Support

Whether you need flights only, a mix of flights, accommodations or ground support, a great price on travel insurance, or help managing student enrollments and payment, we're here to help. Let us take some of the organisational load off your shoulders.
Group Flights
Travel Insurance
Online Enrollment
Trip Website
Custom Trip