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Chris Kauffeld

Chris is a proud UW-Madison Badger who caught the travel bug when he spent his junior year abroad at the Universidad Complutense in Madrid. After graduation he traveled to Trinidad, Tobago and Venezuela before moving to Zaragoza, Spain where he taught ELL for two years before completing a Master’s Degree in Spanish Literature at the University of Santiago.
Chris has taught for thirty years and has led students on trips to Mexico, Costa Rica, Argentina, Uruguay, France and Spain. He has found these trips to be as eye-opening and rewarding for his students as his time abroad was for him and is committed to and excited about continuing to work with students that are excited to explore the world.
Over the years he has been to every continent except Antarctica, walked three different Camino de Santiago routes in Spain (he can’t recommend them highly enough) and has taken his two daughters along on many of his trips. His hobbies include backpacking, mushroom hunting, gardening and cooking. He lives with his wife and their two daughters along with two dogs, two guinea pigs and twelve chickens in Minnesota.